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News from Around the Globe, September 7, 2012

News from Around the Globe, September 7, 2012
Stories of interest from around the globe presented for those who find the American media’s ‘news’ sorely lacking.


South Africa – continuing coverage of the Marikana miner’s strike….


News from Around the Globe, August 29, 2012

News from Around the Globe, August 29, 2012
It’s a pretty big world with a lot happening, but you would never know it if you never ventured beyond American media sources. I hope that you find some of these items from around the world interesting. Feel free to comment and let me know if there is a particular part of the world (or continent) you would like to see better represented in these posts.


News from around the globe (Below the Equator), August 24, 2012

News from around the globe (Below the Equator),
August 24, 2012…………

Today’s news is from countries that lie South of the equator.


Buenos Aires Moves to Dispose of Plastic Bags


Strange news from around the globe - Friday Edition.

It’s a crazy world……..strange news from around the globe……..

It’s a Friday and I’m not feeling too political today. Sometimes we need to just be a little fascinated by the world that exists around us. If you want something that will take your mind off of the mundane political world, then continue reading.



News from around the globe........

News from around the globe………

Ireland takes steps to raise tax rates for highest income earners.

High earners enjoyed nearly 60 tax reliefs

Isn’t it strange how some countries deal with problems? It’s no surprise that the rich receive favorable tax treatment in every country. What’s surprising is the manner in which different countries are approaching this situation. In America there seems to be little desire (from either party) to eliminate any except the most egregious of the tax rules that favor the rich. A study conducted by the Irish government found that high income earners were afforded generous(and questionable) tax breaks. The government used the study as a basis to end many tax breaks and raise the rates on Ireland’s highest income earners.


Bad news for Iranians

The Iranian government has been taking steps to avoid another Green Revolution. In an effort to retain control and avoid their own Tahrir square. The Iranian government is controlling public spaces and access to both television and social media. There are some though that are taking the risk and continuing their movement.

Public Space, Temporarily

There is no more central character in this domestic narrative of cultural protest than the satellite man.